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Host Applications

NRG Name:


How long you've been playing NRG:


Why you think you should become a host:

Why we should pick you over any other person:

Past Experience:

System Specs:


Contact: (MSN, AIM, ICQ, mail)

Closing Comments: (not required)



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Re: Host Applications

NRG Name: Kamil

BYOND Key: Kiba1234

How long you've been playing NRG: 2-3 Weeks

Age: 12 on the 22 of november 13

Why you think you should become a host: because right now i have 2MB net and i will be increacing it to 20MB

Why we should pick you over any other person: Because iv been hostin NRG for quite a while and i havnt have lags

Past Experience: I was Hosting NRG for 2-3 weeks i stopped because trojans ate my XP and on this one when im using byond blue screen of death comes up , Dragon ball finale, dragon ball henkai sai or whatever its called

System Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60GHz 1.60GHz
Memory(RAM): 895
System Type: 32-bit operating system (im getting new comp soon YAY)

Timezone: -1 i  live in UK

Contact: GG 6565217 MSN kamil_8_95@hotmail.com

Thx For Reading



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Re: Host Applications

I know that no one cares and that i shouldn't write anthing else than the application but:
This guy gets a big YES from me ;P
O and NRG wont be updated anymore because the owner is making a new game (NRG v 2.0 but the name is totally diffrent ;P)

Kiedy wycięte zostanie ostatnie drzewo, ostatnia
rzeka zostanie zatruta i zginie ostatnia ryba odkryjemy, że nie można jeść pieniędzy



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